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Assisting Christian organizations in finding
The Right Speaker with the Right Topic at the Right Price!

Hiring the Right Christian Speaker, Entertainer, or Emcee can make all the difference in the success of your event.

  1. Church Programs
  2. Women’s Retreats or Banquets
  3. Men’s Retreats
  4. Youth Events
  5. Couples Events

You want your members to leave your events feeling inspired,
motivated for positive change, and with their hearts filled to the rim with the love of God. 
The Right Speaker can do that and more!

Hosting excellent events builds a strong sense of community within your church or organization. Events are a great way to connect people in ways that don’t always happen in other settings, and as you know – Christian events are very often life changing for the attendees.

In addition to representing excellent Christian Speakers – we represent hilarious, clean, Christian Comedians and Entertainers! Not clean as in they showered that morning – but, well – I’m sure they will be clean that way too. 

At Faithfully Speaking we are committed to assisting you in finding the Right Speaker, Entertainer, or Emcee for your Christian event – at or below your budget cap – and with the content and messages that will meet your desired outcome goals!

Our service is FREE. Allow us to get you some recommendations to consider!
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Don’t see someone listed that you already know you are interested in?  We can connect you with almost ANY speaker, entertainer, or emcee that you are looking for – locally or nationally.  Just let us know who it is and we’ll get right on it for you! 

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